Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes

The magic of Christmas in a giant chocolate selection box, well two Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes, packed full of all your favourite Cadbury chocolate bars and treats.

Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes

A chocolate selection box is a must have at Christmas, they make perfect gifts and you get a great selection of different chocolates. These selection boxes are a bit special, not only are they Cadbury but they are the largest selection boxes available from Cadbury and they are exclusive to Cadbury Gifts Direct, so you can’t get them in shops or supermarkets.

Each Giant Cadbury selection box contains a selection of family favourites including:

Two different types of Cadbury Dairy Milk; Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut.

And some new and classic chocolate bars: Cadbury Twirl, Cadbury Crunchie, Cadbury Time Out, Cadbury Flake, Cadbury Wispa, Cadbury Curly Wurly, Cadbury Picnic, Cadbury Chocolate Buttons, Cadbury Fudge and Cadbury Chomp.

Something for everyone.

£30.00 for two of the biggest Cadbury chocolate selection boxes you can buy.

More Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes

The Cadbury Giant Selection Box are also available in other gift sets from Cadbury, one is included in the Cadbury Christmas Celebration Gift and one comes with a mini selection pack.

Cadbury Giant Selection Box Set
Cadbury Christmas Celebration Gift

Cadbury Giant Selection Box is a chocolate gift set of two selections boxes, a smaller Cadbury Selection Pack and a Giant Cadbury Selection Box.

The Cadbury Christmas Celebration Gift, contains a Giant Cadbury Selection Box and a selection of Cadbury goodies including selection packs, chocolate biscuits and chocolates Santas.

OFFER: Both the double and single Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes are on offer, and it is actually cheaper to but two of the single packs and you end up with an extra smaller selection pack.

Only available online from Cadbury Gifts Direct.