Cadbury Chocolate

A staple of the Christmas “diet”, Christmas would just not be the same without Cadbury chocolate; Cadbury selection boxes, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Heroes and Cadbury Roses, to name a few.

The Largest Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Hamper

The Largest Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Hamper

The largest Cadbury Christmas chocolate hamper in the Cadbury Christmas chocolate range for 2017, the Ultimate Christmas Hamper. Containing a selection of classic Cadbury chocolates, Christmas chocolates and sweets. All presented in a traditional wicker hamper.

Only available to buy online from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

£70.00, the largest Cadbury Christmas chocolate hamper.

Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes

Cadbury Chocolate Giant Selection Boxes

Two giant Cadbury chocolate selection boxes, packed full of all your favourite Cadbury chocolate bars and treats.

The largest selection boxes that Cadburys have made this year and they are exclusive to Cadbury Gifts Direct, so you can’t get them in shops or supermarkets.

£30.00 for two Cadbury Giant Selection Boxes.

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

The Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Box, is a medium sized chocolate gift box filled with Cadbury chocolate, a selection of Cadbury classics, Cadbury Christmas chocolate, new Cadbury chocolates and sweets, perfect for sharing at Christmas.

A wonderful treat for sharing with family and friends, from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

£35.00, 1987g (approximately).

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Exclusively from Cadbury Gifts Direct and only available online are the Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes, chocolate gifts in Christmas themed gift boxes featuring Cadbury chocolate and Cadbury toys.

£10.00£15.00, each.

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Selection Boxes & Packs

Cadburys Chocolate Giant Selection Boxes

Cadbury chocolate selection boxes and gift hampers in all shapes, sizes and designs. Ideal stocking fillers and gifts for Christmas.

Cadburys selection boxes are available from Cadbury Gifts Direct and

£1.09 to £80.00.

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Selection Hamper

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Sharing Hamper

New for Christmas 2013, the Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Selection Hamper is packed with a selection of Christmas chocolate, Cadbury classics and sweets in a cute gift box hamper, a gift box with the Cadbury festive theme and “Merry Christmas” written on the front.

Exclusive to Cadbury Gifts Direct.

£45.00, for a selection of Cadbury Christmas chocolate.

Extremely Cadbury Chocolate Biscuits Tin

Extremely Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Biscuits

800g selection tin of Cadbury chocolate Christmas biscuits, the chocolate biscuit selection includes; Raspberry Oat Crunch, Toffee flavour Cream Wafer and Cadbury Chunk.

From the Cadbury Christmas selection at Cadbury Gifts Direct.

£14.00 for an 800g tin.