Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Christmas chocolates 2015.

It may come as no surprise but Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate brand, they really make an effort when it comes to seasonal chocolate and the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range is no exception.

Giant Christmas Chocolate Slab

Giant Christmas Chocolate Slab

The giant Christmas chocolate slab is a massive chocolate bar, made from milk chocolate with an adorable chocolate reindeer on the front, called the Reindeer Selfie Grand Slab it is a Christmas edition of Hotel Chocolat’s famous giant chocolate slabs.

A fun and quite impressive chunk of chocolate, which makes a great Christmas chocolate gift.

£16.00, 500g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

The Christmas Collection gift box is a medium sized hamper, and is one of twenty-five (at last count) different hampers, gift boxes and gift bags available from Hotel Chocolat, you can all of the Hotel Chocolat chocolate hampers, including Christmas hampers, here or you can even build your own.

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Gift Box, the “All I Want for Christmas Hamper” is a selection of Christmas chocolates from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection.

Presented in a black gift box, tied with a red ribbon and window in a lid to see all of the chocolates inside.

£35.00, 567g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box

Christmas Chocolate Box from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas edition Sleekster chocolate box, 32 delicious chocolates, 16 recipes, the essential chocolate selection for Christmas in a slender box.

The Sleekster Christmas Selection is from Hotel Chocolat and is part of the Sleekster boxed chocolates range.

£22.50, 325g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree

A luxury chocolate Christmas tree with alternating layers of salted caramel and praline milk with feuilletine, decorated with dark, milk and white chocolate truffles to look like baubles.

A striking chocolate centrepiece – 40cm tall, 36cm wide, 2cm deep and 580g. Presented in a, clear fronted, ribbon tied gift box.

£26.00, 550g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Hotel Chocolat Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Wreaths

Hotel Chocolat Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Wreaths

75% dark chocolate sculpted into a stunning chocolate wreaths with luxury fruit and nut, colourful bursts of succulent fruit and crunchy whole roasted nuts. Unique 75% cocoa dark chocolate gifts or chocolate centre piece, in two different sizes.

Wonderful Christmas gifts or chocolate decorations from the Christmas collection at Hotel Chocolat.

£22.00, 450g.
£8.00, 100g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free and Alcohol Free.

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

Hotel Chocolat’s 2016 Christmas chocolate collection, a feast of chocolate goodies perfect for giving as Christmas chocolate gifts or for sharing with family and friends, and of course the odd chocolate treat for you! Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate shop and as normal Hotel Chocolat have the largest and more impressive selection of chocolates for Christmas including chocolate boxes, gift hampers, chocolate stocking fillers and a selection of Christmas chocolate gifts.

From £1.95£300.00.

Hotel Chocolat’s Sharing Advent Calendar

Hotel Chocolat Sharing Advent Calendar

Hotel Chocolat’s luxury Truffles-to-Share advent calendar filled with 48 mini chocolate truffles, in a selection of milk, white and dark chocolate. Perfect for a couple or those that like to share.

One of the luxury advent calendars from Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas collection.

£26.00, 300g.

Chocolate Mince Pies

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Mince Pies

Hotel Chocolat’s Alternative Mince Pies; six milk chocolate cups filled with caramel, topped off with a layer of chocolate praline and a decorative star.

One of the wonderful chocolate boxes from Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas chocolate collection.

£7.50, 6 chocolates.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.

Dark Chocolate Chilli Penguins

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Chilli Penguins

70% cocoa, dairy free and vegan, dark chocolate fashioned into adorable little chocolate penguins, spiced up with a touch of warming chilli.

One of six mini chocolate boxes filled with Christmas Shapes from Hotel Chocolat, perfect stocking fillers.

£7.50, 110g.

Labelled: Alcohol Free, Dairy Free and Vegan.

The Biggest Christmas Cracker

Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Filled Christmas Cracker

The Rather Large Christmas Cracker from Hotel Chocolat, twelve Christmas crackers in one – crammed full with 40 delicious chocolates, 12 party hats and 12 jokes, ideal for a table decoration or Christmas party – the Daddy (or Mummy) of all Christmas crackers.

One of the stunning chocolate decorations from the beautiful Hotel Chocolat Christmas range.

£36.00, 365g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat’s Round Christmas Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat's Round Christmas Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat’s Round Christmas Chocolate Box, also called The Wreath Box, a luxury box of chocolates for Christmas filled with a selection of festive flavours and Christmassy shapes, presented in a rather elegant round chocolate box.

Part of Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection.

£42.00, 590g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations

Heidel Chocolate Christmas Bauble filled with Mini Chocolate Bars

With so many beautiful chocolate Christmas tree decorations available to buy from lots of different online shops, this is a quick list of some of them and the three main types of chocolate decorations for the tree; chocolate baubles, chocolate shapes and tree chocolates.

Chocolate filled chocolate baubles and foil wrapped chocolate baubles, chocolate shapes to hang from the tree and chocolate to sit in the branches of the tree – chocolate Christmas tree decorations to make the home more festive.

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Almonds

Tin of cinnamon flavoured chocolate covered almonds.

Crunchy caramelised almonds covered in milk chocolate with a hint of cinnamon for flavour warmth and aroma, presented in a gift tin.

One of many stocking fillers and Christmas chocolate gifts availible from Hotel Chocolat.

£10.50, 250g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Alcohol Free.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Log

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Log

Hotel Chocolat’s dark chocolate Christmas log, blended with smooth Piedmont praline, studded with hazelnuts and pistachios.

Winner of a two star gold from the Great Taste Awards and named Best Vegan Confectionary in by PETAs UK Vegan Food Awards 2013.

£9.00, 160g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Alcohol Free.

Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag

Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag

Christmas chocolate goody bag filled with Hotel Chocolat chocolates; a Cookie Wreath studded with Florentines and biscuits; Coconut Snowballs; Billionaire’s Shortbread; our Comet Does Caramel slab and a Christmas Duo of Nutmeg Praline and Christmas Mess.

From the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range.

£18.00, 335g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Caramel Chocolate Santa’s

Hotel Chocolat Box of Caramel Chocolate Santa's

A box of eight chocolate Santa’s cast in 33% cocoa milk chocolate flavoured with beautifully sweet caramel.

One of the cheapest chocolate gifts for kids, from Hotel Chocolat. which also make wonderful stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts.

£5.00, 85g

Labelled: Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.

Small Chocolate Box for Christmas

Hotel Chocolat Small Chocolate Box

A small chocolate box filled with eight Hotel Chocolat Christmas chocolates, a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa present. Eight chocolates in four flavours; Starberry, Gianduja Praline, Praline with Crispy Pancake and Cinnamon Praline.

One of the many wonderful Christmas chocolate boxes from Hotel Chocolat.


Labelled: Alcohol Free.

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Christmas Wreath

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Christmas Wreath

Luxury fruit and nut chocolate wreath from Hotel Chocolat, 50% milk chocolate beautifully crafted into a Christmas wreath, cranberries and raisins for moist texture and pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts for that nutty crunch.

£15.00, 450g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.

Chocolate Caramels Chocolate Box – Sparkling Stars

Sparkling Stars - Caramels

15 chocolate caramels in a Christmas chocolate box, each chocolate a different caramel recipe; fruits, smooth praline, boozy delights and the coveted salted caramel, an ideal Christmas present for yourself!

One of three Sparkling Stars chocolate boxes from the Christmas chocolate range at Hotel Chocolat.

£12.00, 15 Chocolates.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat – Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat - Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon flavoured hot chocolate by Hotel Chocolat. Chocolate flakes with shoothing praline and the warming tingle cinnamon, easy to make drinking chocolate.

From Hotel Chocolat’s Liquid Chocolat, drinking chocolate, range.

£7.50, 275g.