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Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

Hotel Chocolat’s 2016 Christmas chocolate collection, a feast of chocolate goodies perfect for giving as Christmas chocolate gifts or for sharing with family and friends, and of course the odd chocolate treat for you! Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate shop and as normal Hotel Chocolat have the largest and more impressive selection of chocolates for Christmas including chocolate boxes, gift hampers, chocolate stocking fillers and a selection of Christmas chocolate gifts.

From £1.95£300.00.

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Exclusively from Cadbury Gifts Direct and only available online are the Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes, chocolate gifts in Christmas themed gift boxes featuring Cadbury chocolate and Cadbury toys.

£10.00£15.00, each.

Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper

Green & Black's Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper

Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper, the largest Christmas chocolate hamper from Green & Black’s, filled with a selection of chocolate including; chocolate bars, chocolate boxes and drinking chocolate, all presented in a traditional wicker hamper.

From the Christmas chocolate selection at Green & Blacks.


Labelled: Vegetarian, Organic and GM Free.

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box

Christmas Chocolate Box from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas edition Sleekster chocolate box, 28 delicious chocolates, 16 recipes, the essential chocolate selection for Christmas in a slender box.

The Sleekster Christmas Selection is from Hotel Chocolat and is part of the Sleekster boxed chocolates range.

£22.00, 300g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Thorntons Christmas Chocolate 2014

Thorntons Christmas Chocolate 2014: Chocolate Boxes Thorntons Continental Thorntons Classics Novelty Chocolates Thorntons are probably best known for their chocolate boxes, namely Thorntons Continental and Thorntons Classics, and their novelty chocolate models, so it’s no surprise that the 2014 Christmas chocolate range is packed full of Christmas chocolate boxes and novelty chocolates. Not only is […]