Chocolate Mince Pies

Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Mince Pies, Alternative Mince Pies, are six milk chocolate cups filled with caramel, topped off with a layer of chocolate praline and a decorative star. One of the wonderful chocolate gift boxes from Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas chocolate collection.

Chocolate Mince Pies

Presented as a small, red, box of chocolates with white detailing and a clear window on the top so you can see the, praline and salted caramel, chocolate mince pies peeping through from inside.

I am not sure if these are alternative mince pies or an alternative to mince pies, I will go with the latter as they seem to be more chocolate cupcakes to me or rather a version of a cupcake made from chocolate, delicately fluted milk chocolate cups filled with a generous helping of salted caramel below a layer of praline and finished off with a chocolate star.

Hotel Chocolat's Salted Caramel Chocolate Cup Mince Pies

The chocolate case gives a gentle snap before the glossy caramel is released, the rich salted caramel is runny and almost liquid inside, and enriched with the salt the flavours are wonderful, added to that is the smooth layer of praline for extra texture and a hint more of chocolate.

The cupcake vs. mince pie issue aside the six chocolates in their little Christmas box are just delicious; sweet, sticky, gooey and rather indulgent, and I highly recommend them.

£7.50, 90g 6 chocolates.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.