Chocolate Santas

Hotel Chocolat Jolly Chocolate Santa

For as long as I can remember chocolate Santas have been traditional Christmas chocolate gifts in my family; either as small table favours, hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree or as chocolate treats and gifts.

Every year the choice of chocolate Santas gets bigger and better, real Christmas tree decorations shaped like Santa Claus (rather than just balancing the little figures in the tree), novelty Santas with cute faces and designs, personalised chocolate and lots of foil wrapped chocolate Santas perfect for stocking fillers.

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Chocolate Santa with Sack & Teddy

Novelty Chocolate Co. - Large Red Chocolate Santa

A rather large chocolate Santa standing 17cm (6.6 inches) tall. Made from high quality milk chocolate, the hollow Santa is wonderfully detailed white, dark and red coloured chocolate.

Presented in a small clear gift bag tied with red ribbon.

One of the many Christmas chocolate novelties from The Chocolate Trading Company.

£10.95, 300g.

Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Santa

Hotel Chocolat Jolly Milk Chocolate Santa

This tubby chap is a very cute milk chocolate Santa, moulded in thick milk chocolate with a coloured chocolate beard, hat trims, buttons and scarf. A luxury chocolate gift ideal for kids or any one with a sense of humour and a love for chocolate.

Called “Best Dressed Santa” he appears thought-out the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range on chocolate slabs, as a slab of chocolate and as mini chocolates Santas in a Tiddly box.

£7.00, 150g.

Cadbury Chocolate Santa

Cadbury Chocolate Santa

New for Christmas 2015 from Cadbury, a hollow milk chocolate foil wrapped Santa.

The Cadbury chocolate Santa has a cute little face and is carrying a gift, a cheap and fun little stocking filler.

Part of the Cadbury Christmas chocolate range.

£2.99, 130g.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Santa

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Santa

The Father Christmas of chocolate Santa’s, a charming milk chocolate Santa. Made with Thorntons chocolate and presented in clear plastic box.

Made from creamy milk chocolate, with dark chocolate features and a curly white chocolate beard, the Thorntons Santa model is a perfect gift for girls and boys who have been nothing but nice this year.

£10.00, 250g.

Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate Santa

Luxury Dark Chocolate Santa

The Luxury Dark Chocolate Santa from Kinnerton is dairy free, nut free, gluten free, wheat free and egg free, a perfect Christmas chocolate gift for anyone with allergies.

One of the novelty gifts from the ocado chocolate collection.

£3.00, 120g.

Lindt Santa 1kg

Lindt Santa 1kg

The giant chocolate Santa from Lindt, the biggest you can buy, a massive 1kg of milk chocolate shaped into the famous Lindt Santa and presented in a gift box.

The Lindt Santa 1kg has limited stock, so get it while you can.

One of the biggest Christmas chocolate treats from the Chocolate Trading Company.

£39.99, 1kg.

Rita Farhi Chocolate Santa Jar

Rita Farhi Chocolate Santa Jar

The Rita Farhi Chocolate Santa Jar, foil wrapped praline chocolate balls and a foil wrapped chocolate Santa presented in a gift jar.

A fun and unusual Christmas chocolate gift from Rita Farhi in the John Lewis chocolate range.

£10.00, 620g.

Dairy Free Chocolate Santas

Dairy Free Chocolate Santas

Three dairy free dark chocolate Santas in a Ho Ho Ho Pillow Pack, these cute chocolate Santas make a wonderful and tasty stocking filler, presented in a cute box.

A fun, dark chocolate, stocking filler from the Christmas collection at Hotel Chocolat.

£2.50, 30g.

Thortons Santa & Friends

Thortons Santa & Friends

A chocolate stocking filler and chocolate Santa all in one, Thorntons Santa & Friends contains Thorntons largest chocolate Santa and four mini chocolate Ronnie Reindeers in a gift box for Christmas.

One of the Christmas chocolate treats from Thorntons.

£9.99, 345g.

Lindt Mini Santas

Lindt Mini Chocolate Santas Tub

Lots and lots of mini chocolate Santas, these hollow milk chocolate treats are the smallest of Lindt’s foil wrapped chocolate Santas. Each chocolate weighs 10g and stands 65mm tall, perfect for table favours, stocking fillers or to add to gift bags.

Available from Christmas chocolate range at Chocolate Buttons.

£36.85 for a tub of 67 (approximately).