Giant Christmas Chocolate Slab

The giant Christmas chocolate slab is a massive chocolate bar, made from milk chocolate with an adorable chocolate reindeer on the front, called the Reindeer Selfie Grand Slab, it is a Christmas edition of Hotel Chocolat’s famous giant chocolate slabs.

Giant Christmas Chocolate Slab

A fun and quite impressive chunk of chocolate, the giant Christmas chocolate slab is made from, 40% cocoa, milk chocolate. Decorated with caramel chocolate and naturally coloured white chocolate to look a Reindeer taking a selfie, this is an adorable chocolate gift for Christmas.

Weighing in at a hefty 500g, half a kilo, the Reindeer Selfie Grand slab is a thick and chunky bar which makes a spectacular chocolate gift for any chocolate lover! And it comes presented in a slim envelope, which makes it much easier to wrap!

£16.00, 500g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Giant Christmas Chocolate Slabs

The Reindeer Selfie Grand Slab is actually one of two giant chocolate slabs from Hotel Chocolat for Christmas, the other is the equally cute Penguin Selfie Giant Chocolat Slab.

Hotel Chocolat Penguin Selfie Giant Chocolat Slab
Hotel Chocolat Reindeer Selfie Giant Chocolat Slab

Half of the Penguin Selfie is also made from 40% milk chocolate and the other half is creamy white chocolate. Decorated with big eyes and an orange beak, coloured with natural colouring.

£16.00, 500g, each.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Large Christmas Chocolate Slabs

Two more Christmas chocolate slabs from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection are the Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow and the Chocolate Snowman in a Blizzard.

Hotel Chocolat Large Milk Chocolate Christmas Chocolate Slab
Hotel Chocolat Large White Chocolate Christmas Chocolate Slab

Both of the large Christmas chocolate slabs are decorated to look like snowmen, and both are presented in the same style envelope as the giant chocolate slabs. Approximately half the size of the giant slabs the large slab weigh-in at an impressive 200g each.

£7.00, 200g, each.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Christmas Chocolate Slabs

In addition to the four large Christmas chocolate slabs there are three more chocolate bars in the Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection. The three smaller slabs are all the same size, 100g, from the Selector range, wrapped in minimal packaging.

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Reindeer Slab
Hotel Chocolat Penguin Snowed Under Slab

Two of the Selector slabs have similar designs; a Tiddly character with snow, the Reindeer Selector slab is a 40% milk chocolate reindeer in a caramel and white chocolate slab and the Penguin Selector slab is a caramel chocolate penguin on a 50% milk chocolate slab, both have snow made from with puffed cereal coated in white chocolate.

£3.95, 100g, each.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

The last Selector slab is the Gingerbread Penguin Selector.

Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Penguin Vegan Slab

A vegan-friendly dark chocolate slab with a Tiddly dark chocolate penguin on a gingerbread chocolate slab; warming spices and pecan praline in 70% dark chocolate.

£3.95, 100g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Vegan.

These three chocolate bars are on MIX & MATCH Any 3 Selectors for £10 or 6 for £20, and make perfect little stocking fillers.

All available to buy online from Hotel Chocolat.