Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper

Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper, the largest Christmas chocolate hamper from Green & Black’s, filled with a selection of chocolate including; chocolate bars, chocolate boxes and drinking chocolate, all presented in a wicker hamper.

Green & Black's Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper

It is fair to say the chocolates in Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Hamper are not overtly Christmassy; the chocolate is from their normal range. For me it’s the wicker hamper that adds the Christmas sparkle – I just love wicker baskets and they always remind me of Christmas and especially hampers packed full of food and chocolate, they are also rather handy for storage and picnics.

The chocolate hamper contains:

  • Green & Black’s The Connoisseur Collection, a tasting box of chocolate bars in varying sizes.
  • Green & Black’s Tasting Collection, a tasting box of mini chocolate bars.
  • Green & Black’s Organic Treat Collection, a box of mini chocolate bars.
  • Two miniature bar collections; classic and milk chocolate.
  • A tub of Green & Black’s Organic Cocoa powder.
  • Two Cook’s chocolate bars, chocolate for cooking in dark and white chocolate.
  • A jar of Green & Black’s Hot Chocolate.
  • Eleven full sized 100g chocolate bars; milk chocolate with almond, milk with sea salt, 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Maya Gold, white chocolate, butterscotch, ginger, burnt toffee, 85% dark chocolate and dark with hazelnut & currant.

A rather impressive selection of chocolates with a variety of flavours and all presented in the modern wicker hamper.

Everything in the hamper is also available from Green & Blacks Direct, individually and you can make your own hamper.

£100.00, 3160g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Organic.