Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree

The Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree, a stunning Christmas tree made from alternating layers of salted caramel and praline milk with feuilletine, shaped into a giant tree and decorated with dark, milk and white truffles, a mouth-watering centrepiece for the Christmas table.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree

Presented in a, clear fronted, ribbon tied gift box the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Tree is actually sections of chocolate – rather than being one solid piece, each section is decorated with chocolate truffles that look like baubles.

This gorgeous chocolate truffle tree is a chunky 2cm deep, 36cm across at its widest point and 40cm tall, and weighting in at a massive 550g (over half a kilo!) – a very impressive chocolate creation.

One of the beautiful chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat.

£26.00, 550g of Christmassy Hotel Chocolat chocolate.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.