Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box, a wonderfully Christmassy box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, The Classic Christmas Sleekster is filled with an assortment of thirty-two luxury chocolates especially for Christmas.

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box is the essence of the Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection, brought together in a sleek and festive chocolate box; the flavours of Christmas mixed with quality chocolate and moulded into beautiful shapes, and let’s not forget a dash of booze in one or two.

The Christmas edition Sleekster contains thirty-two Hotel Chocolat chocolates in sixteen different mouth-watering recipes, I personally count the smaller chocolates as individually – so the number can vary, and in the centre of the box are four chocolate shapes, one of each:

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Box Characters

These are the older characters from Hotel Chocolat Christmases past, so they don’t match the rest of the Christmas collection as they used to but still very cute and they do pop up nmow and then in boxes or as decoration.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Box - Contents

Either side of the four chocolate shapes are rest of the chocolates, two of each, and here a just a few of the flavours included, to tempt and tease you:

  • Burnt Caramel Praline: Intensely treacly hazelnut praline in a mellow milk pastry case..
  • Christmas Mess: A Christmas Eton Mess with fruity cranberry ganache and strawberry mousse with meringue in top in a white chocolate cup.
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Supernova: A 40% cocoa milk chocolate star filled with oozing soft caramel.
  • Snowball: Ultra-creamy macadamia praline and nibbly coconut in 40% milk. A snowball that’s just too good to throw.

A mixture of white, milk and dark chocolates, fruit, nuts, marzipan, praline, caramel and orange and, some with and some without alcohol a cornucopia of flavours and textures all wrapped up in a Christmas chocolate box – perfect for sharing or as a chocolate Christmas gift, part of the Christmas chocolate range from Hotel Chocolat.

£22.50, 325g.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Boxes

Hotel Chocolat are famous for their chocolate boxes, and at Christmas they go all out to give you a real choice of chocolate boxes; from small stocking fillers to extravagant boxes of chocolate – all with a festive look and seasonal recipes. These are all over the chocolate boxes you can buy.

Hotel Chocolat Mini Christmas Chocolate Box
Hotel Chocolat Small Christmas Chocolate Box

The Hotel Chocolat Mini Christmas Chocolate Box is the smallest of the chocolate boxes, with just four chocolates inside. Then is the Hotel Chocolat Small Christmas Chocolate Box, which they call a “Pocket Selection”, with eight chocolates inside. Both are presented in clear fronted boxes, with red ribbons with “Merry Christmas” in the front. Perfect little Christmas gifts or stoking fillers.

Hotel Chocolat Classic Chocolate H-Box
Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts H-Box

Then there are the H-Boxes, I think H-Box means half-box – but I am not 100% on that, these are smaller chocolate boxes with approximately half the chocolates in the Sleekster Boxes; both the Classic Christmas and the Winter Puddings are Sleeksters.

Both of the half-boxes; the Classic Christmas H-box and the Winter Puddings H-Box, have the same recipes as the larger versions – just with less chocolates inside.

£7.50, each, 160g and 190g.

Labelled: Vegetarian., Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Hotel Chocolat Winter Puddings Chocolate Box

£22.50, 370g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Next are the Luxe boxes, as they name may hit to these are luxury sized chocolate boxes. A little different from the Sleekster and H-Boxes as the chocolates are a mixture of the Classic Christmas and Winter Puddings recipes in the Classic Christmas Luxe.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Box Luxe
Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Box Dark  Luxe

And the Dark Christmas Luxe is a selection of just dark chocolate from the Christmas range and a few select goodies from the normal Hotel Chocolat range.

Both have approximately 42 chocolates inside; in fact the Classic Luxe does have forty-two chocolate, but I am not trying to count all the chocolates in the dark version, because is has chocolate covered almonds inside and they obviously vary in size and weight.

£35.00, each.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Flighty different from the others is the Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Signature Chocolate Box, with twelve chocolates presented in a ribbon tied box with “Merry Christmas” on the front.

Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Signature Chocolate Box

This makes a great gift, but also a great emergency gift for unexpected visitors or those times with you forget to buy something, because of the box I don’t think it need wrapping – and if you don’t use it as an emergency present you have a tasty treat.

£15.00, 140g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

All are available to buy online from Hotel Chocolat and a selection are available from John Lewis.