Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

Hotel Chocolat’s 2016 Christmas chocolate collection, a feast of chocolate goodies perfect for giving as Christmas chocolate gifts or for sharing with family and friends, and of course the odd chocolate treat for you! Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate shop and as normal Hotel Chocolat have the largest and more impressive selection of chocolates for Christmas including chocolate boxes, gift hampers, chocolate stocking fillers and a selection of Christmas chocolate gifts.

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016

These are just a sample of the wonderful chocolates in the whole range.

Christmas Chocolate Boxes

Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters

Hotel Chocolat are probably best known for their chocolate boxes, the Sleeksters, these are bestsellers all year round and they have two Sleeksters for Christmas 2016.

At the heart of the Christmas range is the Christmas chocolate box, the Classic Christmas Sleekster, a collection of milk, dark and white chocolates with and without alcohol in Christmassy shapes and flavours presented a seasonal Sleekster box.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Box

The other Sleekster is the Winter Puddings Chocolate Box, a chocolate box filled with a selection of chocolates inspired by Christmas and winter desserts, twenty-seven chocolates in fifteen different flavours.

Hotel Chocolat Winter Puddings Chocolate Box

£22.50, 305g and 340g, each.

Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes

The Sleeksters are Hotel Chocolat’s large chocolate boxes, their smaller chocolate boxes are called H-Boxes and for each Sleekster there is a H-Box to match.

Hotel Chocolat Classic Chocolate H-Box
Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts H-Box

The flavours and recipes in the H-Boxes are almost exactly the same as the larger versions; Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate H-Box the smaller version of the Christmas Sleekster and the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Puddings H-Box is the H-Box matching the Winter Desserts Sleekster, some chocolates are only available in the Sleeksters, the colour coordinated boxes are just smaller, but perfectly formed!

In total there are ten different Sleeksters and ten matching H-Boxes, including the seasonal editions, each box makes a wonderful gift whether it is a Christmassy one or not, you can find all of the Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters & H-Boxes here.

£12.50, 155g and 170g, each.

Mini Chocolate Boxes

For anyone familiar with the Simple Thanks mini chocolate box, you will be very pleased to know Classic collection also comes in the “eight” box and the even cuter “four” size, these miniature boxes make great gifts (and table favours).

Hotel Chocolat Mini Christmas Chocolate Box
Hotel Chocolat Small Christmas Chocolate Box

Both the Mini Christmas Chocolate Box and the Small Christmas Chocolate Box are presented as ribbon tied Christmas gifts with clear lids, so you can see the wonderful chocolates inside, and have “Merry Christmas” written on the top on silver.

£5.00, 45g and £8.00, 90g.

Hotel Chocolat Stocking Fillers

Hotel Chocolat’s stocking fillers are availible in a variety of shapes and sizes; these are the cute boxed chocolate treats packed with flavour and charm. All of these stocking filler boxes are availible on mix and match: MIX & MATCH 3 or more for £6.00 each, or £7.50 per box.

All of the boxes are different shapes and sizes, and having differing amounts of chocolate – but they are similar enough not so start fights if you give different flavours to siblings, but just to be safe they are grouped by box size and number of chocolates!

The dark chocolate chilli penguins are made from 70% dark chocolate, which is both vegan and dairy free and there are ten penguins in total. Hotel Chocolat’s The Enchanted Forest contains ten mini Christmas trees made from 36% cocoa milk chocolate and caramel chocolate, also with ten chocolates in the box.

Hotel Chocolat Chilli Penguins
Hotel Chocolat The Enchanted Forest

The smallest box contains my favourite, six chocolate mince pies – chocolate cups filled with hazelnut praline and salted caramel.

Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies

The “cute” stocking fillers or the “A Dozen …” boxes are the A Dozen Gingerbread Men and the A Dozen Portly Penguins, decorated to bring a smile to your face and flavoured make your mouth water – each with twelve chocolates inside.

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Gingerbread Men
Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Portly Penguins

In a different shaped box are Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Baubles, chocolate truffles in three different flavours and festively decorated to look like mini Christmas baubles.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Baubles

Fun, cute and delicious chocolate stocking fillers from Hotel Chocolat, for all ages.

£7.50, each or MIX & MATCH three or more for £6.00 each.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Chocolate Gift Hampers

Hotel Chocolat have the largest chocolate gift hamper I can find, The Ultimate Christmas Hamper is a stunning selection of chocolates from their Christmas range with popular chocolate boxes and wine, presented in a chic black hamper.

Hotel Chocolat Biggest Christmas Chocolate Hampe

£300.00, 4020g + 2125ml.

And not content with the biggest Christmas chocolate gift hamper, they also have the second largest "The Festive Chest" is presented in the same style black gift box, with two chocolate boxes, mini crackers, stocking fillers from the Christmas range, Cocoa Cuisine chocolate food and wine.

Hotel Chocolat "The Festive Chest" Chocolate Hamper

£150.00, 2045g + 875ml.

Hotel Chocolat also offer a hamper service, where you can have your chocolates added to a gift hamper, or a gift bag. You basically select you chocolates and when you are buying them, you have the option to have the chocolates added to a, rather stylish, gift box or a classic Hotel Chocolat bag, for more information and details check the Build Your Hamper section of the Hotel Chocolat website, here.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate

That’s quite a lot of chocolate and it is only a taster of the whole Hotel Chocolat Christmas range, there is still more to come for Christmas 2016 including; chocolate covered nuts, chocolate stocking fillers, chocolate filled crackers, chocolate Christmas tree decorations and chocolate wreaths.

You can see everything on their website here.

From £1.95£300.00.