Montezuma’s Christmas Chocolate Hamper

The Snowman Hamper, Montezuma’s Christmas Chocolate Hamper, is the only chocolate filled Christmas hamper from Montezuma’s Christmas chocolate collection this year.

Montezuma's Christmas Chocolate Hamper

The hamper is filled with a selection of Christmas chocolate goodies and a selection of Montezuma’s bestsellers:

From the Christmas range:

  • Montezuma’s Christmas Chocolate Truffles: Limited editions of Montezuma’s famous truffles and with festive flavours for Christmas; presented in sixteen piece box and a truffle bag.
  • Montezuma’s Peanut Butter Snowballs: A box of white chocolate snowballs with milk chocolate and salted peanut butter centres.
  • Montezuma’s Caramel Chocolate Snowballs: Smooth caramel centre wrapped in a creamy white chocolate shells, in a festive box.
  • Montezuma’s Chocolate Snowmen: Three boxes of chocolate snowmen in milk, white and dark chocolate.
  • Montezuma’s Chocolate Stars: A dark chocolate and a milk chocolate star shaped chocolate bar.

Montezuma’s classics:

  • Montezuma’s Grapefruit & Ginger Dollops: A tube of milk chocolate discs with grapefruit and ginger ganache centres.
  • Montezuma’s Giant Chocolate Buttons: Two bags of giant chocolate buttons, milk and dark chocolate.
  • Montezuma’s Grand Slam: A case of ten Montezuma’s chocolate bars.

All of these chocolates are presented in a ribbon tied box, the perfect gift for sharing. Available to buy online from Montezuma’s.

£99.99, The Snowman Hamper.

Labelled: Please see individual products for detailed ingredients listings, some products are vegan and diary free.