Novelty Chocolate Gifts for Christmas

Dasher The Reindeer

Novelty chocolate is just fun plain and simple, delicious chocolate moulded into novelty chocolate characters and shapes.

You can get chocolate novelties all year round, but it is only at Christmas you get the chocolate Santas in various guises, cute reindeer, delightful angels and mischievous snowman, all cast in chocolate just to make you smile.

My favourite, for this year, has to be Dasher The Reindeer from Hotel Chocolat; a chubby little Reindeer dressed up in his winter scarf with a winsome face.

Cast in, hollow, milk chocolate with white chocolate decorating his face and tummy and dark chocolate used on his features, he weighs 150g and is just under 14cm tall, he is just the cutest!

Hotel Chocolat

Dasher the chocolate Reindeer is a very cute character from Hotel Chocolat, proving very popular with children and adults alike. Every year he features quite a lot in Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas range in a variety of sizes and type of chocolates, including, very cute, chocolate lollies:

Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Reindeer Lolly

Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Reindeer Lolly

As Tiddly chocolates, in gift boxes of fun and cute novelty chocolates:

Tiddly Milk Chocolate
Tiddly White Chocolate Reindeer
Tiddly Caramel Chocolate Penguins

On chocolate slabs:

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tree Chocolate Slab

Hotel Chocolat Penguin Chocolate Slab

Reindeer Chocolate Slab

Santa Chocolate Slab

Giant Christmas Chocolate Slab

Large Christmas Chocolate Slab

Stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts and chocolate to share, fun novelty chocolate for Christmas from Hotel Chocolat.

Thorntons Novelty Chocolates

Thorntons novelty chocolate characters, or chocolate models as they call them, come in variety of sizes from chocolate lollies to larger 3D figures. There are three different designs a chocolate Santa, Sidney the Snowman and Ronnie the Reindeer.

Thorntons Jolly Santa Milk Chocolate Santa

Thorntons Jolly Santa Milk Chocolate Santa

Thorntons Ronnie Reindeer Milk Chocolate Reindeer

Personalised Milk Chocolate Santa from Thorntons

Personalised White Chocolate Snowman from Thorntons

Personalised Milk Chocolate Reindeer from Thorntons

The three smaller models, available direct from Thorntons, can be iced with a personalised message and come in semi clear boxes so you can see the chocolate and message inside.

The Chocolate Trading Company

With the largest selection of chocolate Santas, chocolate Christmas tree decorations, Christmas figures and shapes, The Chocolate Trading Company, is the place to get the smaller chocolate novelties for Christmas. Most of the chocolates are sold in bags of fives, twenty’s or larger bulk options of about 120, depending on the product, making them great for parties and stocking fillers.

Novelty Chocolate Co. Nutcracker Soldier Christmas Tree Decorations

Angel Christmas Tree Decorations

Novelty Chocolate Co. Milk Chocolate Santa Christmas Tree Decorations

Alongside the selection of foil wrapped chocolates, to hang from the tree or add to a Christmas stocking, the Chocolate Trading Company also sells fine chocolate brands including; Amedei, Booja Booja, Michel Cluizel and Valrhona.


Lindt’s foil wrapped hollow chocolate shapes, the Gold Bell, Gold Reindeer and the Santa have a more traditional feel about them, made from Swiss chocolate and each one finished with a ribbon and working bell.

Lindt Gold Bell

Lindt Santa

Lindt Gold Reindeer

Although Lindt chocolate is available in most stores and in a variety of sizes, the Chocolate Trading Company website has the largest selection and sell the Lindt 1kg Chocolate Santa.


Run by Linda and Philippa, two chocolate loving sisters in Kent, cocoapod create some really cute and fun novelty chocolate bars and shapes.

cocoapod Red Hat Snowman Disc

cocoapod Merry Christmas Bar

cocoapod Happy Reindeer Disc

Their Christmas range is full of adorable characters on chocolate discs and you can personalise a block of chocolate with your own message in chocolate letters.